The Drunchies?

Picture of Indigo Ferra 

   I found this article offense on so many levels. The writer talks about the constant need to count calories, and exercise, but then appears to promote binge drinking. In fact it is not the excessive drinking this article condemns, but the accompanying appetite that comes with. There is a reason that large amounts of alcohol causes the body to be hungry. Alcohol causes people to become disoriented and changes their brain chemistry (temporarily). By eating, the body is able to lower the levels of alcohol and brings a person more quickly into sobriety. This writer suggests that instead of eating the food your body craves to handle the alcohol, one should bring crackers or light calorie snacks to trick the body into no longer being hungry. This will obviously do nothing to help the body cope with drinking.
              What upsets me most is that the writer seemed so concerned and horrified at the thought of ingesting any extra calorie. One thing I was bombarded with while in treatment was that one night, one meal of binge eating, will harm a woman’s diet or exercise regime. One night of too many calories (especially after a lot of drinking) will not cause a woman to gain 5 pounds. One meal cannot fundamentally change the appearance of our bodies.
Please read the article and tell me what you think

Mom, Staceys. “Battling The Drunchies.” TotalSororityMovecom. Grandex Inc, 16 Sept. 2013. Web. 22 Sept. 2013. .


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