A Problem with constant Travelling

        One thing I have noticed as a person who moves around a lot, is that I never seem to have all of the clothing I recall buying with me. I secretly believe that there is a black hole that appears every time I begin the arduous process of moving, and all of my favorite funky pieces of clothing disappear. I unfortunately only realise their absence from my suitcases when I arrive at my destination and can’t go back. When moving to the UK I noticed that a large majority of my shoes and jackets had been left in America, in a mad packing dash I forgot them all. So, I asked my mother to search my boxes at home to see if they were there. Oddly enough, they weren’t. The black hole strikes again!
         Is this a common problem? It shouldn’t be. When moving out of a dorm or rented house you are required to pack everything. So, where does the stuff go? I know when I left America, my closet was empty. My favorite things hadn’t been given away. I blame the black hole.

Items lost to the black hole of moving:

  • 1 pair of pink glow in the dark Converses
  • 1 pair of blue heeled boots
  • 1 pair of studded shredded jeans
  • 1 copy of The Princess Bride
  • 1 denim jacket
  • 1 black and nude tuelle cocktail dress
  • Sooooo many tank tops/vests
  • More purses than I can count

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