Lindsey Graham for President?

This will be my first post about politics, on this blog at least. In my daily skimmings of BBC and other news sources, I stumbled upon the announcement of Lindsey Graham running for president in 2016. His reasoning? He will be the “best commander in chief”. Lindsey has been a state senator for South Carolina since 2003, following a military career in the Air Force. Clearly, Lindsey has the proven time in politics to justify his bid for presidency. But my concern lies in what he plans to do if elected. Lindsey is avidly against Obama’s foreign policy methods. And if he should take office, I believe he will probably lead America back into being heavily militarily involved in the Middle East. The same mistake our last Republican president made. Obama has strived to remove the U.S presence from that region, with good reason. America will never be able to bring about a full resolution to the numerous disputes that rage in the Middle East, because a large majority of the population in that area reject Westerners and Western ideas. In addition, America sustained heavy losses in the fights within Afghanistan. Getting involved in that territory again will not solve any of the underlying problems and it will simply lead to more deaths of Americans. I don’t mean to suggest America should remove all aid from the area, I honestly don’t know how to handle the situation in the Middle East. But I know that the path Lindsey Graham will take is not the correct one. Therefore, he most assuredly doesn’t have my vote. If you would like to read more about this, follow the link below.


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