Heavenly Gluten Free Cake Balls [Recipe]

So, technically speaking, I have a gluten intolerance. Every dinner I eat gluten, I find myself ill the next morning. Not entirely pleasant. In America, it was a struggle to afford to eat gluten free, so I gave up trying. However, in the UK gluten free food is much more affordable. So I recently decided to try and be as gluten free as possible. I admit to still having my naan’s or a baguette, but I have made an effort to buy gluten free bread, I rely on corn tortillas as a staple in my diet, and overall I am making more of an effort.

I’ve found myself in a baking mood lately, so I decided to try to make cake batter brownies. Never made them before, but on my pinterest the pictures always looked so yummy that I eventually had to make it. All I needed was a store bought cake mix and some extra sugar and milk. In an attempt to be gluten free, I bought a free from sponge cake because a plan gluten free vanilla cake was unavailable. Again, it has been a while since I’ve been on a gluten free diet, so I forgot how the change in ingredients can mess up a gluten containing recipe. I blame bad chemistry. My cake batter brownies were not a gluten free recipe, but my cake mix was. Unsurprisingly, the brownies did not work out. For some reason the batter just didn’t stick together as I hoped it would.

I got upset and abandoned the cake in the kitchen for a few hours. It tasted great, but wasn’t at all what I was trying to bake. My boyfriend took pity on me and said he would eat my crumbled, dry cake anyways. Luckily he avoided that fate, because on spur of the moment trip to Tesco I decided to try and make my first ever cake balls.

It was a resounding success! Cake balls always seemed so fancy in Starbucks or bakeries, I assumed they took a lot of effort to make. I was wrong, it was super easy!

All you need is cake (mine was pre-crumbled to save on time ;), a jar of store bought frosting and some baking chocolate. Mix 2/3 of the jar of frosting (less if you want more of a cake texture, more if you want it to be more like a truffle filling) in with your crumbled cake, then melt the chocolate. Take your cake mixture, roll it into balls, and roll it in the melted chocolate. It hardens within minutes and it tastes amazing.

My gluten free cake balls went over amazingly! No one could tell that they had no flour, and I wasn’t ill the next day. I’m so obsessed
that I am making them again tonight with a chocolate cake mix. I’m sure it is possible to make the cake batter from scratch, but I admit to being lazy. In addition, I have US recipes memorized, which use cups. The UK uses grams and scales to measure out ingredients. This is a transition I haven’t adjusted to yet, so until I do I will stick to my store bought ways. I suggest you ALL try to make cake balls next time you have a cake experiment gone wrong.


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