Same Sex Marriage Now Legal Nationwide in America

In a decision that was years, even decades in the making, finally the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that same sex marriages are a constitutionally recognised right!! . It was a 5-4 decision, which is much too close for my personal liking but nonetheless this is most definitely a victory of gay activists and lobbyist. America has persecuted same sex couples for years unnecessarily, first allowing them to be attacked and beaten, then refusing their right to marriage and in many places their right to adopt or have children. Luckily now with the passing of this Supreme Court decision, gay couples will have a much better chance at gaining the same benefits that heterosexual couples get (tax break for being married), as well as being able to adopt much more easily.

 I don’t doubt that many states will be extremely unsatisfied with this decision. However, thanks to the Constitution, a Supreme Court decision cannot be appealed. So the more conservative states such as Kentucky will just have to deal with it. The Obama administration must be doing backflips for joy because this will go down as a win of his presidency. Obama has been able to accomplish more in his last year as president than most, he recently was able to relax trade regulations and now he will be able to claim this victory as well.

The importance of this matter can not be underestimated. Same sex couples have been forced to exist for decades without the ability to marry the person they love, without the ability to make medical decisions for their significant other, and basically forced to reside in a state of perpetual “friendhood”. Imagine if you were never allowed to marry your boyfriend or girlfriend. You could be 70 years old and unable to introduce people to them as your wife or husband because of some small difference that sets you apart from others. This is a massive decision and change the Supreme Court has made. I am immensely grateful and proud that it finally happened. I hope that this heralds a period of more liberal decisions made by the Court in the future.


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