I have now been to Ikea in three countries, and I have to say….they are all the same. Which everyone knows, but I find very comforting. The Ikea in Seattle is located near the airport, so whenever my family had to do a pickup, we would go to Ikea before or after, have some meatballs and check the As Is sale corner to find some cool cheap Swedish stuff to fill our home with. My siblings always love the play area, and I am a huge fan of the desert section in the cafeteria.

Yesterday I went for the first time without my family. I went with my boyfriend. Who I have just officially moved in with. The first boy I have ever lived with. It felt like a huge step and I admit to sort of freaking out about it. But then we went to Ikea to find some stuff to organise all of our stuff. And suddenly, moving in wasn’t as scary. Because we had gone to this place that I had happy family memories, and we shopped for stuff that looked the same in Seattle or Coventry. It is strange that when you travel so much, move around every few years, that returning to a place that feels familiar can have such a calming effect.

Thank Gawd for Ikea! It is in most countries, and even though it is a Swedish store, it will always remind me of home in Washington and my family. I need to have a place like that. Plus you can’t help but love their furniture and prices.


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