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I have previously admitted to being a fan of bad reality TV shows (obviously I don’t think they are bad, I find them quite entertaining). One of my favorite shows to watch is anything bridal. No, I am no where near getting married (if only I was so lucky), but I enjoy viewing them so whenever I do get to plan my magical day, I am as prepared as possible. In America I watch “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Bridezilla’s”. In Britain my only real wedding option is “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” and “Don’t Tell the Bride”. I won’t give a long summary about the shows, “Say Yes to the Dress” is about bridal dress shopping in a New York Store and “Bridezilla’s” is about America’s most demanding insane brides. “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” documents the extravaganza’s that UK gypsy throw for their teenage daughters and “Don’t Tell the Bride” is about having the groom plan the whole wedding on his own with a budget.

The differences in these shows is huge. American brides go for very showy, sexy, bold dresses while the British brides are more happy with simple demure, classic looks. American brides want weird outdoor locations while the British bride wants to get married in a manor house. Surprisingly, I would say that American brides and bridal shows more closely resemble the weddings thrown on “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” in that we like our nuptials to be show stoppers. The dress has to scream “look at the bride and only the bride!”. In general..the wedding is all about the bride. Whereas in the UK on “Don’t Tell the Bride” and even among my friends, the wedding is about both partners in the union. It is a lovely idea….but honestly I still think that I will want to be the center of attention on my wedding day. I’m attaching links to watch these American and British bridal shows, so you can see just how different they are.
Say Yes to the Dress:
Bridezilla’s: Netflix
Don’t Tell the Bride:
My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding:

I’m not sure which I prefer…I think that even though I now live in England, will likely marry an Englishman, I am still going to want an American style wedding and dress. I don’t want a simple wedding, I plan on having not only a massive wedding cake, but a full dessert bar. Best part about that will be that I keep all the leftovers! I love that I’m lucky enough to learn about all the cultural differences between the U.S and U.K. I didn’t think there would be so many, but we differ on almost everything from liking soccer to football and simple chic wedding gowns to skin baring slinky bridal dresses.

I’ve attached links so you can view the difference in wedding dresses
American style:
British style:

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