Curvy is Better Across the Pond

I will probably blog further about this subject in the future, but today I wanted to post about the difference in body image in the UK. In America, I felt surrounded by men who wanted a girl to look like a Barbie, impossibly thin but still possessing big boobs and a round butt. I felt like I would never look good enough, that I was never thin enough. Shouldn’t be surprising because I have an eating disorder.

But since moving to the UK, I have had my preconceived ideas of how I am supposed to look challenged by men. Here, my guy friends are constantly saying they want women with curves, who eat and who are voluptuous and sexy. In fact I’m often told I’m too thin. NEVER, EVER in America have I been told by a guy that I am TOO THIN. But when watching TV with guys, and I point out a skinny girl that I think fits the standards of attractiveness, the boys say “Eh she is too skinny”. I love it! I love that here girls can eat ice cream without feeling guilty. I love that most of my girl friends will order a medium pizza just for themselves to eat at dinner. I love that women are expected to have curves here! The body image environment
in England seems much healthier. And I hope America will soon copy it.

I have attached a link to a commercial that I see constantly on British TV. I would never see something like this in America, but I wish I could. Because everytime this comes on, I feel empowered.


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