1 Year Anniversary in Britian

Today marks the day that I moved to the UK! It has officially been one year. This is the longest I have been away from America and my family. When I have lived abroad in the past, I always returned home within 9 months or so….but now it has been 365 days and I don’t have a ticket booked back as of yet!!

It makes me really sad in some ways. I adore England, and I find that I fit in very well here with the people and culture. However, as many faults as I find in America, it is still my home. I miss the American style of dressing and how loud and vivacious everyone is. We have no qualms discussing awkward issues or sex, but here many things are sort of hush hush. The lack of sharing makes me feel more disconnected from my British friends than my American ones.

I also really miss American food. I love that in the USA I have access to so many different kinds of things, where as in the UK I feel like my palate is more limited, but healthier which is an upside!

The UK has been full of ups and downs. I have been lucky enough to meet my partner in crime and the love of my life. But I have also experienced the worst depression and severest case of my eating disorder since moving here. I think a lot of the set backs can be contributed to the fact that I am away from home. As welcome as my partner and friends make me feel, I still can’t get 100% comfortable and happy in England. But that should come with more time.

Overall, I’m glad to be where I am in Britain but I’m still really homesick. However, I am making a resolution to blog more and try and make myself feel more connected to both my American and UK life by continuing to compare aspects of each.

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