The Best Way To Make S’mores in Britain [Recipe]

For my one year anniversary in England my partner bought me a bag of giant marshmallows from the American food section at Tesco. I was very excited, and decided that last night I would make S’mores! A classic American campfire food, and so beloved that we have ice cream and poptarts flavored after the treat.

As I am living in England…there are no graham crackers. Heartbreaking, I know! I had to substitute for Digestive biscuits (cookies) that are kind of like sugar cookies but with a bit of graham cracker vibe to them. I also realized (and this was a shock) my candy hoard didn’t have any plain chocolate bars in it, so I had to use chocolate sauce. But no matter! I was making s’mores anyways!

The first British attempt at marshmallow taffy

As many American’s may be aware, s’more without an actual fire is a bit of a challenge. My solution was to use candles. The small kind that you use to scent a room. I admit….because the marshmallows were giant and the candle flame was small…it took me ages to actual get the marshmallow to desired gooeyness but I got there eventually.

My first taste of a “proper” s’mores in a year was like heaven! I immediately went back to Girl Scout camping trips and family bonfires. For four of my housemates, it was their first time sampling this American delicacy. And it was well liked!

Candle campfire

So my report this Tuesday morning is that I, Indigo Ferra, an American living in the UK am fulfilling my endeavor to bring a bit of the USA to England! First step s’mores…next step..who knows? 4th of July party?

Recipe for English S’more

Marshmallows, Digestive Biscuits, Plain Chocolate Bar

Step 1: Light something on fire (preferably a grill, candle, or campfire. See picture above)
Step 2: Find something pointy to stick your marshmallow on. A fork, knife, kebab stick, or tree branch are all appropriate
Step 3: Hold marshmallow over fire, cook until it is toasty brown all the way around (or burn it until it’s black, that is my preferred taste)
Step 4: Place roasted marshmallow on digestive biscuit, add a piece of chocolate and enclose with another digestive biscuit.
Step 5: Enjoy!!


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