Should We Use Rubbers or Condoms?

A funny mid-week pick me up for all of us. Yet another one of those scenarios where the differences in the English language can be astounding!

As I have mentioned, one of my 5 housemates is a maths teacher at a UK school. One night whilst discussing our days he mentioned

“throwing some rubbers at the children”

Imagine my shock! Because as an American, rubber almost always is said in reference to one thing, and one thing only. Condoms.

So here is my close friend telling me he threw condoms at children. My jaw dropped and I started to stutter and blubber about how he shouldn’t just throw condoms at children when he burst into laughter.

In the UK….rubbers means erasers…… Like the thing you use to erase pencil marks….not condoms…

Imagine just how stupid I felt. Lesson learned.

England=Rubbers=Erasers (something appropriate to daily divy out to children)

America=Rubbers=Condoms (definitely not something that should be handed out publically in the middle of class to high school students)


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