Odd Holiday Treats and Where to Find Them

Parsnip chips?!!!!

Walking into any American supermarket in mid-November or December, customers are welcomed with a bombardment of “limited edition” special, seasonal flavors on their favorite food. We offer Candy Cane ice cream (which should be no different than peppermint flavor but somehow is), eggnog (a mysterious thing unheard of in the UK), Holiday M&M’s, and so many other wonderful food options designed to get us in the holiday spirit. I always LOVED December grocery shopping because I could get so many of my favorite things in new flavors.

Living in the UK is not exactly the same thing….somehow…holidays are dialed down here. In America we celebrate Christmas like there will never be another, whereas the British observe it more quietly as just a semi special day out of the year. The stores do not go all out in decorations like Walmart or Kohls in the U.S. They do not offer eggnog (heartbreak!), and their holiday food specialities are rather limited.

Surprisingly tasted ok…….

In America, I would say our Christmas food centers around sweet things. In the UK they actually offer seasonal, Brie and Cranberry flavored chips/crisps. Or gingerbread popcorn?! As a country the British lean more towards the savory than sweet. I will allow that they seem to become possessed with the idea of eating mince pies and christmas puddings…which are really just like fruit cake and not all that unhealthy…If I am going to eat a dessert I want it to be smothered in chocolate and drowned in carmel…not baked with raisins and sultanas with a dash of custard like a Christmas pudding.

But to each their own and, by now I shouldn’t be shocked that I prefer the American way of having holiday food.

Here is a link listing this year’s truly desirable American treats

Personally I am a fan of all the hot chocolate flavored things! Hot chocolate is a staple in my beverage diet.


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