Have a Ball Busting Good Time

This is another one of the many Englishisms I come across in my daily life. However, today’s doesn’t involve me getting confused, but rather an American friend of mine.

I decorated my ceiling and tree with Christmas balls, and one of my housemates kept repeating that he wants to buy 200 more “baubles” to round out our hanging Christmas look. American 2 (that is what she shall be called as I am American 1 in my house) was continually confused, until she finally worked up the courage to ask me

“What are Christmas baubles?”

An added side note is that she is Jewish and from Boston. Anyway, I explained they were the same thing as Christmas balls, then proceeded to say Christmas BAHBLES in a Boston accent.

A look of understanding dawned on her face our American British confusion was solved.

Christmas baubles=Christmas balls, or bahbles


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