The Newest Vending Machine for the "Educated" Consumer in England

This is a joke right?!!!

It has been a while since I have written a post…so I thought I would begin my submersion back into the blogging world with a funny Englishism.

This picture is of a vending machine full of candy, chips/crisps, gum and the usual assortment of unhealthy junk food found in these dispensary devices. I have nothing against vending machines, in my undergraduate days, I was a FREQUENT user of the vending machines in my dorm.

What I find most…hilarious about this picture is the fact that it is labelled “The Educated Consumer”. What about this machine is educated? It implies that this vending machine is somehow healthier, better than others…but it was full of the same junky food you can find in any vending machine. This is what I would call a hipster vending machine, it is trying to be cool and healthy but completely not succeeding.

I will make a quick observation that vending machines are far less common in the United Kingdom than they are in America. They are not outside every store, mall, and rest stop. They are actually kind sprinkled randomly around. At the University of Warwick, the gym and the library are the only locations I can think of having any. The UK does seem to enjoy the Ben and Jerry’s venders, for a high price you can get a small individual serving of your favorite ice cream.


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