An Elite Upbringing and it’s Issues

Upon beginning to live with six different people in one house, I developed a bit of a neat freak streak…..Or what must seem like a obsessive cleaning issue to my housemates. In reality I only deep clean the house maybe once a week…which isn’t often enough in my opinion.

Anyways, literally NO ONE else in the house cleans. They will leave recycling on counter tops when the recycling bin is within arms distance. They will set another trash bag beside the full garbage can rather than empty it. They don’t even bother to buy toilet paper.

So  last week, I decided that the dust problem in the house needed to be dealt with. So I bought two different dusters to tackle the onslaught. The only other girl I live with found the stereotypical looking feather duster, held it up, and asked WHAT IT WAS.

Seriously, what kind of posh life have you lived where you don’t know what a feather duster is? She then went on to say it looked like the prop you use for a French Maid costume…… She actually thought that the duster in that was just a prop…that it had no purpose or didn’t derive from the actual cleaning product.

I’ve been taught to tidy, dust, and keep my room and house clean by my mother my entire life. She didn’t clean up after me, in fact, once I got older I was expected to clean up after my siblings and parents. Which is fair, as a member of the household where they paid the bills, I should contribute something.

But the people I live with have clearly not experienced that sort of lifestyle. I think they were raised with parents who magically cleaned everything, did their laundry, scrubbed their dishes and overall gave them a cushioned lifestyle. And I don’t mean to stereotype

, but for the most part I believe British people are more accustomed to a higher quality of life and house than Americans.

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