Fatty McFatCountry

Something that my homeland is known for universally around the world is being fat. In China, people all thought Americans were huge and my family was the exception. In France, we were the pun of many a fat joke. And in England, it is the #1 biggest (haha) flaw people call America out on, aside from gun control.

I constantly hear about America’s obesity epidemic. I am mocked for my unhealthy eating habits, and how “American” that is of me. My massive sweet tooth is because I’m from the States. Everyone in the US is fat, blah blah blah. Sometimes I almost feel as if I am being held responsible for the weight of my fellow Americans.

I’ve been getting really sick of it lately. Yes, American’s CAN be fat. But is the entire population?? No! Should we live healthier lifestyles, yeah if we can. But America is a huge country, it is unfair to attribute all 50 states with being fat. Especially because the size of our country is part of the problem (I think). We are a car based society, in Europe and Asia people walk a lot and burn more calories. But when I worked in the US I had to drive a 50 mile round trip to get to work, every single day. There were no buses, trams, trains or subways that could get me there. It wasn’t feasible to walk. So I had to drive.

The most important thing that I constantly feel the need to point out when people call my birthplace “Fat” is that the UK isn’t far behind us in obesity rates. In fact England is the second most obese developed country. So really, who are the Brits to mock?

I will probably write more on this topic later, about how America has a very large and dominant fat stereotype that is blown out of proportion. But for now, I will leave you all with this,

The worth of a country is not determined by the weight of it’s people. America and Americans are no less valuable than the British because we happened to have a little more curves. Stop body shaming my country!!

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