Is It Safer to Pull Out, or Stay In?

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The first thing that cums into my head whenever this topic is brought up is….why the hell would anyone, ever, want to leave the European Union? It standardizes rights, gives countries fiscal support in times of need (ahem…Greece), it ensures allies in case of a major attack (like the Paris terrorist attack) and it brokers peace across the entire continent. Not to mention the major economic benefits the UK gets from the EU countries, like trade, university funding, scientific funding, etc.

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So…why leave? I wish America could be part of a similar kind of group. I think it helps keep all the member countries accountable for their actions and makes each country more stable as a whole.  I know that the proponents of the “Out” side say that they dislike the lack of British input into European Union laws, the excess taxes (feminine hygiene product tax for instance) and the implied lack of sovereignty it gives the UK.

But GB isn’t the powerhouse it was in the 1800’s. England couldn’t afford to risk cutting ties with all the EU member countries. And believe me, it will sure piss off more than a few of the members. NO ONE HAS EVER LEFT THE EUROPEAN UNION. There is a reason for that. AND

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If GB really has an issue with finishing in the EU, then lawmakers should look into other forms of protection, such as abstaining as much as possible from EU involvement without actually leaving (Abstinence). Or working on creating more barriers for individual countries within the EU so they have more freedom of choice and personal protection. (Condoms/Birth Control).

Bottom line is, I am not a fan of the GB pull out method. It is unreliable, unpredictable, not always performed correctly, and it sabotages the end game. GB will not reach it’s political, economic, social and personal climax without the assistance of the European Union. In my humble American opinion, the UK needs to keep itself buried deep in the EU.

I think this is an apt song for the whole situation:

***all bad and inappropriate puns were intended, if you found any of this post offense, I apologise…but come on…it was funny

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