Keeping Up With the Kar…..or is it Coping With The Kardashians?

One of the few reality phenomenons that I have not become addicted to is the Kardashians. I find it aggravating that a whole family is famous, has launched brands, gotten modelling campaigns, because one of its members had a sex taped leaked, and then decided that made them famous. Infamous would be more accurate. I think people deserve notoriety for doing something impressive. It irks me even more that unfamous women are regularly frowned upon for doing similar things like sending nudes, but here the world is admiring the Kardashians for the same behavior.

Anyways, while I might not like what the eldest three Kardashian sisters represent, I did admire them for their acceptance of their bodies. Kim and Khloe especially because they had curves for days and they were fab-u-lous. I thought that while they might be famous for doing a whole lot of nothing, at least they demonstrated a different type of body ideal. Not only did they represent it, they made it desirable. Suddenly big hips, booties and breasts were sexy again! And I applauded them for flaunting their unique shapes! I think they helped make curvy women more accepted in the media. They had episodes on their show about the big butts and the curves and showing them off. Now we have women like Ashley Graham and others continuing their work.

Which is good, because recently the Kardashians have gone mainstream. Kendall Jenner is now a model, known for being in the Victoria Secret fashion show. Not exactly showing an average woman’s body shape. And then Khloe lost a bunch of weight in a bid to get healthy. Being healthy is great, but I felt disappointed that she suddenly stopped tooting her own horn for how wonderful her curves were and started to shrink them down closer to the ideal body shape.

Meme made at

And last but most certainly not least, Kim Kardashian West has jumped aboard the thin wagon. Through diet and exercise she has gotten herself down to 124 pounds. With her drop in weight, she has also dropped all respect I had for her. I don’t mean to sound like I am saying eating healthy and working out are bad, they are great! But when you do it to the extreme that she has…it is no longer doing it just for health and but also doing it for appearances and fame.

The Kardashians unfortunately have the power to influence people. For a time they used that power for good and demonstrated that different body shapes are worth having. But now….they have crossed to the dark side and joined the masses that believe all women need to be skinny. I’m disappointed. But I will add that it is their personal choice to change their bodies this way.

 But we still have models and actresses like Blake Lively and Anne Hathaway preaching body acceptance. And me. Can’t forget that this Wandering Blonde believes all female bodies are perfect in their natural way.

For proof that Kim has officially sold out to the thin industry look here


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