You Should Watch Ladies of London and Here is Why [TV Review]

The Ladies of London Season 1

I’ve admitted a reality show addiction. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I have a subscription to Hayu. A streaming site similar to Netflix, except that it only offers reality television such as; ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’, ‘Snapped’, etc. One show I stumbled across was called ‘Ladies of London’.

I am a firm believer in trying to learn about the culture around me. When I moved to Missouri for a year, I attempted to watch ‘Duck Dynasty’ which was really popular in the area. Naturally, I decided to give Ladies of London a try.

‘Ladies of London’ is a Bravo show that is filmed primarily in London.The show follows the lives of three aristocrats (like the upper class of the elite) British woman who live around the capital of England. It focuses on their social lives, the parties and restaurants and excursions that occupy the time of the wealthy English. But as a twist, it also follows the lives of several rich American expats living in London and mingling with the same posh British woman.

United States v. United Kingdom

Initially, in the show their is a very big divide between the Brit’s and Americans. The Brits find the Americans very loud and uncouth. At a horse race the American’s are shouting loudly and dancing around to cheer on the jockeys, as the British watch on judgmentally. Meanwhile the Americans are baffled as to why the British woman are so closed off. When a Brit insults an American, the American very publicly calls her out on her actions on the street. This is common in the States, but as I have written about previously, in the UK you simply do not cause public displays of any emotion.

While the wealth that surrounds these woman is not truly representative of life for most of us in England, the cultural clashes and differences shown though out the show are actually really on point. Almost every issue the Americans face with the Brits, is one I have dealt with as well.

An Elite British Star of Ladies of London

I recommend watching this show, and looking past the obvious scripted cat fights. Because when you do, you will get a brief peek at how many differences there are between British and American women. Plus, I just love this show and think everyone should at least give an episode a try!


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