Bridget Jones Baby: A Film Review

My film review might be a little late in coming out, but better late than never! I am a hardcore Bridget Jones fan, but I didn’t find the first two movies relatable. Possibly because I was a kid/teenager when I watched them. And teens can’t really relate to being 30 without a husband and struggling with their new TV career. However, as a now 20 something adult, I found Bridget Jones Baby extremely relevant and tremendous!
I’m not going to write a review like Rotten Tomato’s or a regular newspaper. Yes the movie was funny, on the nose, hip, full of hot guys and entertaining. The soundtrack was hands down the best ever for romantic comedies in 2016. Instead, I am going to review Bridget Jones Baby in from the perspective of the films ability at showing an accurate perspective of modern British culture for outsiders. The film utilizes modern slang, shows proper British attitudes and overall paints a very clear picture of England in the 21stcentury.
Bridget Jones Baby also highlights the many cultural differences between the US and UK. Viewers are able to experience this most poignantly in observing the difference between Bridget’s two potential baby daddies. One is her long time on/off boyfriend Mr. Darcy from England. The other is her music festival hook up who is from America, named Jack. Mr. Darcy is very straight laced upon discovering his fatherhood. He explains very stoically that he is overjoyed, but displays no outward emotions (very British). While Jack makes a grand romantic gesture and throws himself into his upcoming paternity by reading baby books, buying furniture and trying to be by Bridget’s side through every little prenatal experience. 
The difference in these two men is most clear in a scene where they both bring Bridget a drink before a birthing class. Mr. Darcy is true to his English roots and brings Bridget a cup of tea, which symbolizes British comfort and tradition. Jack opts for a new age, high in nutrients healthy green smoothie that is supposed to stimulate the baby’s growth, demonstrating the American vitality and willingness to embrace new things.

My primary reason for recommending this film to my readers is that it will show you, in a hilarious way, how different America and England is. And how the two cultures often clash for their very differences. 

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