Curry a British Person’s Tex-Mex

I’m enjoying my favorite panneer tikka

 Indian curry is to the United Kingdom as Tex-Mex cuisine is to Americans. I was raised going to the Mexican restaurant around the corner from my neighbourhood in Atlanta. My British friends were raised ordering take away from the local curry place. And similar to how Americans changed Mexican food to fit their personal tastes better (less spicy, less tomato’s, more cheese) so to have the British changed curry’s.

I would say in America the most popular Mexican food to order is taco’s. After all, we love our taco’s so much we have Chipotle and Taco Bell to make it for us faster and with a drive thru. I don’t know a single American who doesn’t love their Mexican food and with a margarita on the side. My personal favourite is chicken enchiladas with refried beans and rice. (Just writing about it makes me hungry, I CANNOT get a good Tex-Mex meal in England. And it just doesn’t taste quite as good when I make it myself.) We took the food made south of the border for us, and adopted it as our own.

The British like to pretend they are so different and better than Americans, but they pull the same tricks as we do. By far the most popular curry to order in England is a “traditional” chicken tikka masala. This is mild tomato based curry dish that is flavorful but doesn’t burn your tongue off. While many people  believe it is an Indian dish, it was actually created in Birmingham (Americans did this with the fortune cookies at Chinese restaurants, they aren’t actually a Chinese tradition at all). So when coming to England, you will not be getting the full culinary experience if you do not partake in at least one curry meal, which includes at least; poppadoms for an appetizer, a tikka masala, pilau rice and naan bread. For the more brave there are several extremely hot curry dishes available as well. My go to curry eats are Panneer tikka, coconut rice, and a vegetable korma.

This is an Indian Curry restaurant that shares my name!! And makes great food!

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