The #doitcheap Lifestyle That Will Revolutionise Your World

I recently realized that I’ve gotten quite good at living life on the cheap. I’m a starving writer, I work a part-time job that I don’t love to pay the bills for my partner and me while I chase my passion. Someday I hope to support myself solely with my written word, but that isn’t today. Today I must buy food, pay rent and bills, for two people all on a salary that is well below the poverty line. It isn’t easy, but I’ve always strived to live as inexpensively as possible.
I’ve been buying my own clothes and makeup since I was 13 and my mom didn’t agree with my fashion choices. I made cash by baby-sitting and saved the Christmas money I was given by family, and spent it sparingly. I developed certain shopping rules. I would only buy clothes and accessories that were on clearance and usually less than $10. I bought candy and snacks from whole sale cheap grocers that sold the damaged packaging food that main brand grocers wouldn’t stock because it wasn’t visibly appealing. I rarely went to the movies. All my books and DVD’s were borrowed from the library or bought second hand. These are all shopping norms that I have continued to carry with me throughout my teen years and into my 20’s and have proved vital to maintaining a fabulous life on the cheap.
Many people blog about their DIY (do it yourself) and how it saves them money, makes their home/clothing look great, and how wonderful it is. I’m not opposed to a little DIY, I frequently alter old clothes to update them. But I’ve discovered that a lot of DIY costs more money than I am prepared to pay. The popular DIY projects you see on the internet involve craft supplies most people don’t have on hand, or tools like sewing machines that I simply can’t afford right now.
So I realized that I am very similar to the DIY savvy ladies, except I just DIC (do it cheap). If making something look better with the DIY emthod is cheapest, trust me I’ll do it. But I find that by shopping at thrift shops, hitting the big sales, and basically always scrounging for a bargain, I live a much cheaper life. I truly believe that I will abide by this low-cost lifestyle even if I am a multi-millionaire someday. Why spend more on the same product that I can get for cheaper, used or make myself?
I consider myself a fairly fashionable person, I love to read magazines, have a huge wardrobe, and shoes are my biggest obsession. I’m a bit high maintenance in my looks, I enjoy having nice hair, being well groomed and having a well-toned body. I frequently am complimented on my physique, hair, makeup and clothes. Usually I just smile and say thank you, without revealing how I look so good, for so cheap because I’m afraid of being judged for my cheap methods. But now I’ve decided to share my secrets.
So follow me on my journey of showing how I stay fabulous on next to no money, . The #doitcheap or #dic lifestyle 

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