#doitcheap Youtube Class Fitsugar Fitness Review

I’m proud of my popping arm muscles

 The Linkhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeYP5sySvJs

Youtube Profile: Class Fitsugar
Workout: 45 Minute Cardio & Toning Workout
Exercise Type: Lot’s of cardio!! Plus a little pilates
Hopscotch crossover
Review: Seriously, one of the harder cardio workouts I have done with Class Fitsugar. This guest trainer pushes you hard! She has trained Jennifer Lawrence so you know she is a pro at what she does. Good news is, it does start off easy with a 5ish minute warm up that softens you up for a brutal workout. You do 3 rounds of cardio, followed by about 15ish minutes of pilates. I thought the pilates would be slow wind down before stretching. I was so wrong! The pilates was just as challenging as the cardio, if not more so! Be prepared to sweat a ton with this workout. I was dripping by the end of it.
Hardest move: Hopscotch crossover. My inner thigh muscles were sore after this move! It is like a plie squat, with a jump to the middle where you cross your feet right over left, then back to the plie squat. 1 minute of this and your legs become jelly.
Reverse Crunch Twist
My favorite move: Reverse crunch with a twist. I love, love, love reverse crunches, because I can feel them melting away my lower stomach. It burns so good. But this was a new variation on a reverse crunch I hadn’t done. Instead of just lifting your feet and hips straight up in a typical reverse crunch, you squeeze them up and to the side, right then down to the floor, then back up to the left. I liked this so much because it worked my lower abs AND my oblique’s. But, this is a brutal move that will leave your stomach raw!
Number of times I cussed: I won’t lie, I cuss at my Youtube videos! Mostly cause I’m workout alone and no one can hear me. But science has also proven that swearing releases feel good chemicals in your brain, and I need that mid work out. Plus, sometimes when I’m told to do 50 squats, I just gotta tell the trainer to f*** off. Anyways, I swore at this video 3 times, mostly around the 20 minute mark where I got super tired and had another circuit of cardio to do.
Score: 7/10. I loved how hard and dynamic some of the moves were. It wasn’t just a squat or a lunge, the trainer added other stuff into the moves so I worked my whole body the whole time. I loved the ab section. My only negative is I felt like my arms didn’t get quite as much of a workout as the rest of me. I did like that the trainer and demonstrators all got really puffy and sweaty too. I hate when trainers look perfect at the end of a workout, and I’m collapsed on the floor, dying. But I really enjoyed this video and will probably do it again!

I hope you enjoyed this #doitcheap Youtube workout review! Comment and let me know how the workout goes for you, and if you have any video’s you want me review!

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