Killer Youtube Ab Routine Review #doitcheap

Youtube Profile: HASfit
Workout: 10 Min Lower Ab Workout for Women & Men – 10 Minute Ab Workout – Lower Abs Belly Fat Flattener
Exercise Type: Non-stop lower ab moves!! Seriously, you get no rest.
Review: This particular lower ab workout is the best one I have come by! The workout title is a bit misleading, it is actually an 8 minute ab workout rather than a full ten minutes. But that doesn’t detract for how awesomely hard it is! The trainer packs in so many different dynamic moves that I can feel work my lower abs every single second. As some of you might know, it’s the lower abs, the “pooch” that is hardest to work off. So, finding a good fitness routine that targets the area is a real gold mine. Most ab workout’s kind jump all over the stomach area, where as this one just works the below the belly button area. If you do a cardio or strength training routine, then finish off with this, I guarantee your muscles will be fried in a great way! I didn’t find the trainer overly aggravating or too positive. He offered variations on each move, so easy and hard version, which made me feel like I could simplify if I needed to. I also liked that there was two people, a girl and guy showing me the moves. It made me feel like the routine could be for anyone. Although I wish the girl did some of the harder moves instead of all the modifications. But I can’t recommend this video enough!!! Do it, be prepared to burn your stomach and have a mat to make it easier on your back.
Hardest Move: The trainer saves the hardest for the end. You do a lower ab hold for the final minute, and it kills! My lower abs were exhausted by this point, and to do a hold as the last move really pushed me. I kind of collapsed after this move, in a happily tired way.
My Favorite Move: Clam shell crunch. Instead of doing a typical crunch, you put your legs in a butterfly position, feet together, knees splayed out, and crunch up that way. I feel ridiculous with my legs held that way, but it’s a workout so I never feel not ridiculous. It feels really simple at first, but after about five, you feel the burn! It is something new that I hadn’t tried in any other Youtube video, and I’m always excited to discover ab moves.
Number of Times I Cussed: I didn’t actually use swear words! Which is a very good sign! I did however, shout “Oh my God” and “Grrrrr!!” quite a lot. Because this is a freaking hard routine if you really focus and push yourself on it.
Score: 9/10. I wouldn’t change much about this workout. It is as hard as you want it to be or as easy as you need it. Sometimes in circuit style workout’s, I get bored with doing the same few moves over and over. And I also feel like I don’t get as good of a workout because I only use certain muscles. But this routine didn’t repeat any moves, so it maintained my interest and I didn’t zone out. Also, extra point for the trainers looking like it was a struggle for them too. They had to pant out instructions, which proves to me that they are really doing the moves and putting in effort. Great video and I will be re-watching/re-working out to it frequently!!


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