A Runway Ready Raincoat at #doitcheap Prices

Photo shoot in my raincoat

A massively important #doitcheap method I use is; to stay ahead of the trends and buy off Amazon. A great way to do that is by reading magazines like Glamour and Cosmo religiously (I’ll write a separate post about how to get these on discount) follow haute couture instagrams and Pinterest accounts, and just being observant to what people around you are starting to wear. Once a particular piece of fashion becomes ‘mainstream’, the cost skyrockets. Therefore, being able to predict will be in style the next season will save you big $$$$.

I’ll give you an example.

Early this year I needed a new raincoat. I live in England at the moment, and rain is a constant. I would say it rains on average once a week, if not more. Last year I would just get soaked and deal with the damp. But this year I decided to be a good adult and be prepared for poor weather. Now, I’m too cheap to buy myself a raincoat when I have an umbrella I can use that does an ok job of keeping me dry (my currently used umbrella only cost £1 or $1.29).

Instead, for my birthday I asked for a specific raincoat that I sensed was going to be super desirable in a few months, but I asked for it in April. However in April, this raincoat wasn’t available in stores. So, where would you turn to get something that is not yet sold?

Amazon, of course!

Amazon sources its fashion from all over the world, including China. China is where most high street/high end designers have their factories. Therefore, the Chinese people see what will be sold months before it hits the UK and US stores and they wear it before all of us. The flower hair accessory trend of summer 2016? The Chinese girls rocked that in 2015. They are at least a year a head of us in the world of fashion.

Back to my raincoat story, I went on Amazon and found the exact one I wanted. It was a clear, plastic coat with black piping to outline the shape. The reason I loved this coat was because people could still see my outfit underneath, so I wasn’t hiding my style behind practical but boring waterproof layers. It only cost £9.97 or around $11. I sent the link to my partner and got to unwrap it on my April birthday 🙂

My housemate saw me in it, and said I looked like a murderer out of American Psycho, which I took as a compliment. Little did he know that my exact coat would be in all the main high street retailers like New Look and Top Shop in June. (I felt so proud when I saw it for sale, I knew that coat was fashionable before anyone else!)

And my Amazon version was half the price!!

I found my raincoat for sale in New Look for double the price I paid, £19.99 or $23! And what is even better, I had the coat 3 months ahead of everyone else so people looked like they were copying me.

So, the #doitcheap tip of Friday is this: research what will be in style a few months early, and buy it quick and cheap off Amazon. Buy your swimsuit in March and winter coat in August, and you will be saving $$ as well as becoming the trend setter of your social circle.

The raincoat I bought (it went up in price slightly):


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