Try This Free Barre/Ballet Workout To Burn Out Those Muscles

Host: Shauna Kathleen
Video Title: Free Full Length 50 min. Barre Workout You Can Do At Home
Exercise Type: Full body burning barre workout! You start off by working legs, then arms, then abs. You do about 15 mins for each body section.
It was so hard to hold this for the photo!

Review: I loved this routine! I thought I might die in the first 30 minutes, but it was worth it! I was so sore the next day, I felt it in my abs and my legs the most. I did this routine after a 4 day hiatus because of some bowel biopsy’s, so I wasn’t at my best. Which is why I elected to do a barre routine. The previous barre video’s I have done haven’t been super intensive, so I thought it was the perfect exercise to ease myself back in. I was so wrong! This trainer is different. She worked every muscle of my leg, calf to quad. I couldn’t keep up with her in the arm segment, and somehow she made my abs turn to fire with a few simple moves. I actually collapsed to the mat at the end. Ballerina’s are insane athletes for doing this stuff for hours every day! Do this routine if you want something that is intense, but not too fast paced or cardio intense. The trainer makes each move count, so you don’t need to rush through! I recommend this as a routine to break up the monotony of your usual workouts.

Killer lunge series

Hardest Move:
The back lunge series! In this routine, you work one leg at a time so it really burns out and you do it twice through! Lunge’s are my enemy, so I struggled to keep pace with the trainer on these moves.
Favorite Move: I love me a plie squat! Squats are my superpower and I like plie squats because they challenge a different muscle group. The trainer does a great inner thigh move by making you pull your knees back in a plie squat, so you really feel the muscles work.
My favorite plie squat
Number of Time’s I Cussed: I don’t recall an exact number. I don’t think I swore at her until the very end, when I was just too exhausted to carry on. But I did say “Seriously?! More?!” frequently, and several “Oh My God, I’m dying”.


Rating: 7/10. I loved this routine, it was a challenge and I never got bored. But the trainer made it seem too easy, she didn’t break much of a sweat and she moved so quickly! I like Youtube trainers who sweat with me, who are panting on the floor by my side. She was like a ballerina drill sergeant, good but hard to relate to. On the fitness side, I like this video, but I’m not sure if I would make it a part of my regular weekly routine. It’s more of a once a month type thing to keep tediousness at bay. Definitely give this workout a try, especially on day when cardio or strength training feels like too much, but you still want a good workout.

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