A New #doitcheap Method for Getting Free Stuff


As much as I strive to buy stuff on the cheap to maintain my fabulous lifestyle, sometimes certain things are just out of the question. Like new furniture, as cheap as IKEA is, can’t nobody pay for that shit! Especially me.

Pre-internet, if you wanted free stuff, you had to be on the ball searching the ads in newspapers. People usually posted them with free stuff and it was first come, first serve. But thank goodness, we live in the 21st century and don’t have to sift through pages upon pages of black and white print. Instead all the stuff people want to get rid of is posted in one convenient place, the internet!

There are a few rules to follow when retrieving free stuff off websites. 

1. Be safe when you go to retrieve furniture or items from a stranger’s home. Take a buddy, keep your phone on you, make sure someone knows where you are, etc. Basically, don’t be an idiot and you will be fine.
2. Be prepared for the free stuff to be in less than perfect condition. After all, most of the stuff will be pre-owned. But with a little TLC you can probably fix any issues your free item may have. Paint is a magic substance that can cover scratch marks, and throw pillows can hide furniture stains. Just get creative with it.
3. Don’t assume you will instantly find the free thing you are looking for. It may take you a few day’s to find the ideal free couch. So, don’t jump on the first free couch you see, in the free game, patience is a virtue.
4. It never hurts to keep your eye on the free sites at all times, in case something cool comes up! Sometime people give away building supplies like wood pallets that you can turn into lawn furniture! Or maybe you will discover a book shelf you didn’t know you needed, but you really do!The internet is like digging for buried treasure, you never know what you might unearth.



Facebook Marketplace

Here is a list of website where you can definitely find all sorts of free things

UK: Gumtree Freebies
-you can find all sorts of stuff on here, and you can personalize it to your location. Currently on offer, office chairs, desk chairs, wooden pallets, and a dog.

USA & some international locations: Craigslist
-click on your country, then your local(ish) area. Under the ‘For Sale’ section, click on ‘Free’. In Las Vegas there is currently free paint, televisions, and dirt.

Worldwide: Facebook Marketplace and Buy and Sell Groups
-On Facebook Marketplace you can set criteria to cost $0-$0 and all free items will be listed (you can input your town name to make it more specific). But beware! You will need to weed through the fake free ads! I never said free was easy.
-On the Buy and Sell Groups you can join a group that is more personalized to what you want, ie. Horse Tack, Cars, etc. Again, you will have to go through and find the free stuff!

It takes effort to maintain the #doitcheap lifestyle, but you can all do it, and your bank account will thank you for it.

My Friday Freebie:
No. 7 self tanner. No. 7 is a popular UK beauty brand. This was given to me by a collegue who doesn’t tan. I’ve never tried something like it, so this should be interesting! I’ll make sure to share my #doitcheap tan experience!



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