The Best Way To Blow Someone Off
(Major awesome points to whoever can correctly identify the movie quote in my blog title. Comment if you know it)
“I can’t believe she blew me off like that!”
A quote from a recent conversation I had with some friends over curry. They reacted to my words with inappropriate giggling. I didn’t get why. I was quite upset that my best gal pal elected to not go to a movie with me and used a lame excuse days later. I didn’t comprehend what was laughable about my situation. Then someone finally asked what “blow me off” meant.
I stared at them blankly. Of course “blow off” means to have someone cancel or ignore you. In my case a friend ignored plans to go to a movie. It is a phrase I frequently say.
Understandable stuff, right? Wrong! The reason my mature, fully grown adult, friends were giggling like teenage boys was because in England, “blow off” means to perform a blow job or oral sex. Naturally, they were confused and amused that I might say my girl friend blew me off. Cue my cheeks turning bright red and me sputtering out the American definition.
American definition
Blow off: To ignore someone or something or to cancel on plans in a abrupt/rude manner
British definition (according to my friends)
Blow off: To perform oral sex on a male
British definition (according to Urban dictionary, this is the fifth most common definition of the phrase, so it isn’t widely used)
Blow off: To fart or pass gas


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