Do Not Try This Resistance Band Routin

Thank you Youtube for that free #doitcheap big booty!!
Host: Gym Ra
Video: 30 min Total Body Resistance Workout 150-200 calories
Exercise Type: Resistance band training. You can buy resitance bands online from Amazon for as cheap as 2.99/$3.50, but a good set costs around 10/ $12. I’ve built up my gym equitment workout slowly overtime, so I did invest in a set that cost around 11. I kinda had to because I broke my partners band, and had to replace it. I’ve looked online and some sites suggest using panty hose ( but I don’t think those would be enough resistance. So maybe a pair of tights which are thicker, or multiple pairs of tights. If you are like me, and you are dedicated to following online free Youtube video’s as your only fitness guide, then it will be worth investing in some gym equipment like weights, gliders, etc. I tend to buy one fitness device per paycheck. So I spread the cost out. And then I use that device non stop for a month.
Review: I actually hated this routine. The trainer looked super fit and like she did a lot of exercise, so I trusted that she would give me a good workout that pushed me. I was wrong. The video’s title advertised that it was a full body workout, but honestly it felt mostly like arms. I was hoping to work abs and legs a lot more in the 30 minutes.
 Furthermore, I had to switch bands a lot to try and find one that was a good amount of resistance for me to workout with, some exercises were harder than others and I had to drop to an easier band. That made the whole workout very stop and go. I like to start a workout and power through it then collapse afterwards. But I couldn’t get in a rhythm with this routine. It didn’t feel very challenging, or dynamic. I didn’t like each exercise had enough reps. We were supposed to go through the whole routine twice through, but the second round the trainer forgot a few of the harder exercises!
Favorite Move: The plie squat side bend. As I’ve said before, squats are my happy place in fitness. No matter how many reps, squats are the one thing I never give up on. And lately I’ve been focusing on my oblique’s more, so this combined two important things for me! It was a squat that worked my inner thigh and it worked my sides with the bend. The resistance band was basically useless on this move, but oh well.
Hardest Move: The tricep arm pull. I really enjoy tricep moves, I think that I work my biceps a lot at work and in standard cardio routines. But I feel that my triceps are neglected. So I like that this routine had several triceps moves. However, this one was hard to do with the resistance band. I had to wrap the band around my fist several times to get enough pull on my tricep and it was uncomfortable. Even with that it didn’t feel like enough work. On top of that, the band got caught in my hair and pinched the skin on my back. So it was hard not in a physical effort sense but more in a comfort sense.


Rating: 4/10. This is the lowest rating I’ve given thus far. I tend to find good parts in all fitness routines on Youtube, but I struggled with this one. Overall, I didn’t love this routine. But if you are looking for an easier, arm heavy 30 minute routine, then this would be good. Maybe you could do this as a semi-rest day after a strength training day or something.

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