Be Sweet and You Can Get Free Stuff

I have another post about getting free things! If I get something for free, I find that down the line I love the thing more than I would if I paid for it. I think that is a result of being poor and knowing the value of items. 

Method 1: Say yes to everything! Store employees are always approaching me to do surveys, fill out a quick form etc. Usually people brush them off because they are in a rush, but I’ve been one of the people who asks customers for surveys and if they do fill them out, I’m happy to make it worth their time! Just the other day, I filled out a survey and I got a free ice slushie at the movie theatre and 2 for 1 popcorn. Many fast food restaurants have surveys at the bottom of receipts to get discounts or free burgers! If you don’t believe me that saying yes to surveys, forms, etc. gets you free stuff, then listen to this. If you are shopping and you buy ten shirts that cost $10 each, your total will be $100. If an employee offers you 10% off for answering a few questions, that will save you $10 off your total bill. That means that by filling out one survey, you would basically get one of your shirts free! I hope you believe me now when I say you need to say yes!


Method 2: You catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. It’s an old wife saying that is completely true! If you go out of your way to be nice to employees at a store, they will be more willing to do you favors. Be extra polite in the ice cream line, and you can get more free samples, or a bigger scoop of ice cream. Chat up the barista and they will put whip cream on your hot chocolate at Starbucks for no extra charge. Free samples and extra’s might not seem like much, but when you are broke, the little stuff counts. I promise, if you are nice to people than you will get extra discounts and free stuff thrown your way.
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Method 3: Don’t be afraid to ask for things. (People often feel uncomfortable asking for free things, but they shouldn’t!) Ask for samples at makeup stores. Sephora gives you free samples to try out products before making the commitment of buying them. I don’t recommend you use this for all your makeup needs, but if you want to try something new, or just need a certain shade for one occasion, then it’s a great bet! You can also order a way to try samples of shampoo’s and cleaning products. If you have a baby, signing up for parenting blogs can get you offers on diapers, and some diaper companies will give you one or two free new products to try them out and garner interest. On top of all that, in magazine inserts you can get sample face masks, perfumes, etc. These are luxury items I can’t afford. I don’t buy face masks, but I save the ones from Cosmo and Glamour and use them when I need a little spa day.
Method 4: Lend a helping hand. Doing favors for other people doesn’t only give you good karma (which I am a strong believer in) but usually leads to getting you free items. If you lend someone your soap, they might return it in full, by buying you a whole new bottle. Does someone need help moving? Help, and you can get a free meal, plus you get your exercise! I’ve exchanged car rides from the airport for a box of chocolates. You will find that people give you stuff if they feel like you have put in effort for them (otherwise they will feel guilty for taking advantage of you).


My biggest advice, be extra nice to employees at food places and retail shops. It will always pay off with discounts and free things. Kindness to others is free for you to give. Offer to do favors for people, and they will return it by giving you stuff. But, don’t be afraid to ask for what you want as well.

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