A #doitcheap Way To Travel To New Destinations

Pics from my free adventure
You can live your entire life in one place, and there will still be things and places you haven’t seen. That is part of the magic of our earth and its people. People are always building new stores, developing new restaurants, designing new pieces of artwork, creating new parks. It is due to this constant innovation that we can still be surprised in our hometowns.
This is my #doitcheap Freebie Friday advice. If you Google your city, you should find a website run by the council/government of the town. On there you can find all sorts of ideas for things to do. It will list the public parks, all of them, and you probably haven’t visited them all. Or, it will list free concerts that are going on in the parks during the summer (this is extremely common). During the holidays, most cities and town host events that are free to the public. City museums often have free day’s for citizens to visit. Some cities have scavenger hunts or weekend historical tours.
For example, in Birmingham UK they do an art installation every year. Last year it was life size colorfully painted owls scattered across the city. This year it is bear like creatures. I’ve seen many families with maps and on their phones, tracking down every single sculpture and taking pictures with it. It’s a fun day out and you can learn a lot about the city from the walk.
If you are strapped for cash, then going to your local town website will always have ideas for free things to do. This is most true if you live in a big city like London, New York, or Chicago. If you live in a smaller area than you can look for a bigger town or city near you and go to their website. You don’t have to be a citizen of the town to enjoy most of the free activities. I visited a town in Missouri that has free Santa visits for all kids, and free horse drawn carriage rides.


You can always find a free way to entertain yourself. It just requires a bit of effort and some research. Go forth and explore you hometown! Find new things you haven’t seen, and tell me about it!
Some free stuff going on
London, England: The Singing Elevator at Royal Festival Hall
Paris, France: Open Air Cinema at The Gardens of Villette
St. Louis, Missouri: A Century of Japanese Prints

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