Prince Harry Won the Lottery, He Caught a Queen

24899179_10214869453554421_603247219_nUnless you live a technology free life, you have heard that the last eligible Prince in the British royal family (except for a baby) is officially permanently off the market. Last week Prince Harry got engaged to actress Meghan Markle. I’ve seen it everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, everyone, everywhere is saying how lucky Meghan is, she actually has a Prince Charming.

Pause here. Feminism aside, are you sure that it is Meghan who is the fortunate one? She is already a rich, famous, beautiful woman. She had her pick of many bachelors in Hollywood, and she has even been married before. Meghan is a catch by any definition.

Prince Harry however, he comes with so much baggage and strings attached. I would argue that it is Prince Harry who is lucky to have found a woman crazy enough in love to marry him! Do you know what Meghan has to give up to be his wife? Her life will never be as free as it was pre-Prince.

Starting with the basics, Meghan had to give up her lucrative job on Suits to be with Harry. She had to move to England. (Leaving your country for your partner is NOT an easy thing, I speak from experience) Meghan will most likely have to become a British citizen. Those are just the upfront things Meghan is losing by marrying a Prince.

There is a bunch of other stuff too. Meghan will now have to dress more conservatively, forever! Rarely do you see Kate Middleton in a dress that is low cut or above her knee. Heels can’t be too high. She will have to wear hats non stop at big events. She will always have to arrive after certain royals to maintain protocol at official events.  Her free time will be spent at charitable functions. She won’t get to have an opinion in politics, from any country. Her children’s names will need to come from within the royal family. She will not be allowed to take pictures, sign autographs or interact with her fans. She can’t be seen partying, and she can’t eat certain foods like garlic or certain seafood. Meghan is already famous, but being a royal is a whole other level. From now on, her every minute will be studied obsessively.

Being the wife of a royal is a full time job. She will have to keep up appearances always, and she will basically take a backseat in the planning of her days. The media keeps saying Meghan Markle is getting a fairy tale life and acting as if she has won the lottery. I strongly disagree. I believe that it is Prince Harry who is fortunate to find a woman who loves him so much that she will agree to all the royal rules that come with the territory.

I don’t mean to say that Meghan is in a bad situation, far from it! She is now apart of history, and she will be allowed on the other side of the glass. Her life will skyrocket to a whole other level of class, wealth and esteem. As an American, it is almost a miracle. I admit to being envious in many ways. BUT, people need to acknowledge that Harry is super lucky too! Meghan is sacrificing everything for him!

If you think about it, who is the lucky one? The rich, attractive actress who already had everything, or Prince Harry who came royal title and all the extra clauses that entails? It is probably an equal amount of luck on both sides, but I just think it should be written that Prince Harry is very, very, fortunate.

I wish the couple all the best and I’ll be watching the wedding preparations with interest. And Meghan, if you need an American assistant in England, I’m only a phone call away!

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