Thor Ragnarok Is a Must-See for You This Summer

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I am a HUGE Marvel and D.C fan. Anything with superhero’s, sci-fi, then I am in! It is a bit of an odd obsession, because I wasn’t exposed to much superhero style things during my childhood. Therefore, I am at the movie theatres as soon as I can get tickets at a cheap price. In the UK that means a Tuesday or Wednesday when you can get 2 for 1 tickets.

I went to see Thor the day after it was released, that is how eager I am. I’m already counting down the days to see Justice League. Thor has never been my favorite Avenger. He is ok, but I feel that his personality is eclipsed by Iron Man and Hulk. Nonetheless, I was excited for Thor, especially because it has Hulk as a star (and Loki, I have a weak spot for him).
I was astounded at how much I loved this film! Before I saw this, Deadpool was number one pick for superhero flicks. But, Thor 3 gives it a run for it’s money! In this film, Thor suddenly has a sense of humor, a brain, and is more than just brawn. He has to make decisions on his own, act as a leader and doesn’t blame everything going on around him someone else’s fault. Added bonus, he got his hair cut and takes his shirt off for an extended length of time.
Perhaps the best aspect was the comical side Marvel injected into this film. Hulk was hilarious and Loki gave his best performance ever! I was laughing through out the whole film. Even my friends who don’t laugh at Kevin Hart were cracking a smile.
The plot line was spectacular. Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched it yet. Thor discovers that Loki has taken the throne and his father was banished to earth. In a surprise twist, Thor’s dad died and Thor discovers that he has a secret sister, who is crazier than even Loki. (It says something about Thor’s parents that they managed to raise two psychopaths) The sister is the Goddess of Death and takes over the throne with the plans of taking over the universe.
Thor and Loki get banished to a trash planet, where Loki befriends the ruler and Thor is forced to battle in gladiator style to entertain them. Again, surprise #2, Hulk is his opponent. The two are pretty evenly matched and only through the rulers intervention is it ended. Hulk and Thor bond for a bit, before Hulk, Thor and a random warrior chick escape to go save their home planet.
Thor battles his sister while Hulk and the warrior chick try to rescue the citizens, but it is actually Loki who swoops in to save the day. The combined power of all of them are able to destroy the Goddess of Death but is came at a heavy price. Thor’s home planet is destroyed by a fire demon.
Overall, the plot was full of twists and turns, jokes, Easter eggs, and cinematic gems. If you haven’t already gone to see this, then you should!
#doitcheap tip: Go see the film early in the day, and get cheaper prices (both in UK and USA). Never go on the weekends or after 6pm unless you have a coupon.

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