Why You Shouldn’t Pay For a Fitness Subscriptions

2017-06-19_21.44.05[1]I recently tried an online subscription fitness service. Some popular ones are Bikini Bod, Fitness Blender, Fit Body Guide (FBG) and Beachbody. I tried Beachbody ( a more detailed review will come soon). When I began, I had the question of: Are they worth the $$$?
Online fitness services are basically like gym classes you can do in the privacy of your own living room. I’m a big fan because during the first year of my fitness journey I was too shy to workout in front of anyone! I felt embarrassed by my exercise wardrobe, my abilities or lack of, and my low levels of endurance. So, at home fitness was the only way for me to go.
The benefit of the services like FBG is you get a workout plan for several weeks or months. They usually also come with online support and diet plans. It encompasses everything, and is supposed to make becoming healthy more accessible to the everyday person.
The question that needed answering is it really better than what I can find for free online? I only tried Beachbody, therefore I can’t speak for all online fitness programs. But, I didn’t find it hugely different from what I could access on Youtube or via fitness tutorials on Pinterest. In fact, I found it slightly more restrictive. I like to try new workouts constantly and I try and train a different thing everyday. Monday might be abs, and Tuesday might be a HIIT workout. I like to mix it up, otherwise I’ll get bored and just quit exercising.
With many of the online programs you get workouts that work different body parts, but not necessarily in new and exciting ways. For instance, today I did a barre workout but last week I did cardio dance. If you pay for the online fitness, you are likely to get 1 workout program created by a trainer that sticks to a similar style of movement. A little too boring for me.
In addition there is the cost aspect. I can plan my own weekly workouts for free just using Youtube with only slightly more effort than it takes to log into the online programs. And Youtube is free. As for the diet aspect, there are plenty of diets online you can find for free. However, doctors have found one of the most effective is intuitive eating where you eat what your body wants in the proper portions. No eliminating foods.
My review is that if you live a #doitcheap lifestyle like me, then what you get from online fitness subscriptions is not worth the money. If you need more support to stay on track, ask a friend. If you find that your fitness flatlines using the free workouts on Youtube, then join a gym. Youtube will teach you how to use the stuff and you can still tailor it and be more effective than the online classes. Overall, save yo money and just do Youtube.

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