Starbucks Is Becoming a New Luxe Brand and You Should Be Glad!

StarbucksI recently read a piece that said Starbucks has shown a 3% drop in growth in the last two years within the US. It has left the business baffled. It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given the incidents that have occurred with regards to racism towards employee’s. But, the stranger thing is that I have seen a surge in Starbucks stores abroad.

As a teacher, ALL my kids buy is Starbucks. These are kids from all over Europe and Asia, many of which have Starbucks in their home countries. But, it is more rare, therefore they are going to Starbucks on the high street in Oxford EVERY SINGLE DAY. I am unsure how they afford it, but afford it they do.

Starbucks has only increased in popularity with their progression towards the straw ban and being more environmentally friendly. Now, I have to ask for a straw. I also know that they are testing out new cups that are strawless. In addition, I have seen that Starbucks will now charge an additional .05 pence for non-reusable cups. It used to be we got a discount for using our own mugs, now we have to or pay a fine.

I can tell you that other coffee brands in the UK and Europe are not taking drastic measures such as this to cut down on their environmental impact. So, why is Starbucks less popular in the US? I don’t have the answer. The corporate office shouldn’t be concerned however, because Starbucks is only growing in popularity around the world.

Perhaps like Chanel, Dior and other luxury brands, Starbucks will only hold mass appeal to people from other countries. The allure of Chanel is that it is French. French people like it, but they have other brands that are also French that cost way less. The same could be true for Starbucks. Perhaps Starbucks should focus abroad and sell the “Americanness” of the brand and accept that the US is no longer it’s target audience.


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