British to American Translations

These are what I commonly refer to in the blog as “Englishisms”. It is when a word can refer one thing in England, and another thing in America. The Englishisms highlight that although the UK and USA technically speak the same language, it can have a whole different meaning.

Nappy (British)—– Diaper (American)

Nursery (British)—– Daycare (American)

Pub (British)—– Restaurant (American)

Trolley (British)—- Cart (American)

Christmas baubles (British)—- Christmas Balls (American)

Pants (British)—– Underwear/panties (American)

Trouser (British)——- Pants (American)

Rubber (British)——- Eraser (American)

Rubber (American)—– Condom (British)

More to come soon……………..